Teaching Experience

Undergraduate Courses at Bowling Green State University (selected)

  • Introduction to Literary Studies
  • American Literature Survey Part II, 1865-1945
  • African American Literature
  • Introduction to Literary and Critical Theory
  • Multiethnic American Literature
  • Fictions of the Nation and Family
  • Asian American Literature & Popular Culture
  • Intersections of Race, Gender, and Culture

Graduate Courses at Bowling Green State University

  • American Literary Realisms (Click for syllabus)
  • Life Writing and Racial Memoir
  • Black Protest and Black Joy
  • Racial Landscapes in Contemporary U.S. Literature (Click for syllabus)
  • The 1960s in Contemporary American Culture (Click for syllabus)
  • American Ethnic Literature and Theories of Identity
  • Theories and Methods of American Culture Studies
  • Theory, Methodology, and Literary Criticism
  • Introduction to Graduate English Studies
  • Studies in Sexuality and Race

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