Consulting, Workshops, and Public Speaking

Diversity and Equity in Education

Education in this country is highly stratified. I am committed to creating greater equity, access, and understanding. To this end, I regularly work with community organizations, K-12 school districts, libraries, and higher education institutions to develop and implement training programs for faculty, staff, administrators, and community members. I have provided presentations, workshops, and consulting services on a variety of topics, including those related to anti-racist pedagogy, effective allyship, reviewing policies and enforcement from an equity lens, and building a leadership pipeline.

University Administrative Experience and Academic Program Review

As a result of my administrative experience on a large college campus, I provide workshops, consulting services, and speaking engagements on topics such as, “Doing More with Less: Making the Most of Existing Resources,” “Building Interdisciplinary Collaborations,” “The Public Humanities for the Public Good,” and “The Forest and the Trees: The Importance of Shared Governance.” I also have experience with external program review, grant and fellowship application evaluation (including for the National Endowment for the Humanities), book prize committees, and other professional activities.

Contact Me

If you are interested in discussing any of these professional activities, please contact me via the form below or at

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